Friday, May 25, 2012

Snapshot in Time

... current time.

More than half of under 16s have only used cameraphones to take photos
... 52 per cent of under 16-year-olds have only ever used the camera on their mobile phones to take digital snaps, demonstrating the staggering impact the devices have had on the photography market.

Meanwhile, just 26 per cent of parents said their kids had access to digital cameras, while one-fifth said they own both cameraphones and digital cameras.

This all translates into 88 per cent of children having zero experience with analogue photography, which isn't unsurprising as just eight per cent of parents use the traditional method themselves.

Additionally, 31 per cent use their cameraphone as the primary means of photo capture, with 53 per cent claim their mobile produces results that equal digital cameras, while three-quarters said they miss using film.

It's a Brave New Photo World out there.

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